We are schneider, pugliese a Brazilian boutique law firm specializing in tax law with high-expertise professionals.

We have an ethical commitment to our country, and one of love to our work. We are keen on the idea of contributing for the development of our society through the practice of tax law. Also, we believe that this contribution will be even greater the more we value the people with whom we relate and the environment in which we are all placed.

This is the awareness on which we base our actions and relations, both internal and external. We are engaged in promoting the well-being of people in their relationship with themselves, with others, and with our environment. We believe in the ongoing learning as an engine for the development of society and in technology as a tool capable of improving and facilitating our everyday practice. We encourage innovative thought and a multi-faceted look that, in connection with the present, builds the future.

Our team is composed of professionals with strong academic background and experience in an array of areas within business law, specifically tax law. We are close to our clients: we get involved in their operating activities in order to identify their needs in relation to major cases and of high complexity, and we deliver innovative and exclusive tax solutions, operating in an agile, focused, and effective manner, committed to results.

This is our way to promote, not only customized services to our clients, but also a unique experience to all with whom we relate – a conduct that transcends the technical scope and connects with everything.

This is our way to offer society our ethical and hearty contribution in the belief that, by working for tax justice, we are collaborating for the promotion of social justice.


To create innovative solutions to complex problems relative to the taxation of individuals and legal entities, in a customized, safe, and agile manner, and committed to results.


  • Permanent focus on the client
  • We like what we do
  • We guide our actions by competence, integrity, and trust.


To be the best tax law firm in Brazil.

To choose the topic of the seventh edition of our Yearbook, we set out from one of the main features of our firm: a way of thinking that does not separate, but unites, includes and connects. It is a structure of thought known today as a ‘complex thought’, which considers all the received influences and seeks the necessary and interdependent relations so that the new may emerge. Through this topic, in addition to presenting the activities we have developed and their outcomes, we praise a way of thinking that is based on the comprehension of the world as an inseparable whole and on the belief that the path to understanding the universe lies on the connection among different forms of knowledge.

The sixth edition of the Yearbook of Souza, Schneider, Pugliese e Sztokfisz Advogados is not only focused on the present moment, but also on our growth path over these 6 years. By comparing the firm’s history with the Brazilian literary movements of the 20th Century, Yearbook IV presents an innovative perspective of the creative tension between opposite poles – reason and emotions, passion and lucidity, subjectivity and objectivity – which is exactly where growth momentum lies.

The existing relations among concepts of Law, Architecture, and Civilization are the topic of Anuário V (Yearbook V) of Souza, Schneider, Pugliese e Sztokfisz Advogados law firm. The similarities between the design of a city and a Law thesis; the search for the interrelation of different scales (from monumental to human; universal to individual); and the consistency of a work (whether a work of Architecture or of Law) constitute the guiding principle of this text which, in a reference to the historic moment Brazil is in, uses Brasília to represent such analogies.

The yearbook that records the 4th year of office celebrates the conquest of what was once a dream and today's reality: Souza, Schneider, Pugliese and Sztokfisz Lawyers - now benchmark in the provision of legal services-tax of excellence - through a continuous and sustainable growth, throws himself on a flight for the future.

In our third yearbook, navigation illustrates our concern with the precision we need to move on. We have sailed the seas and placed our flag in national and international territories. Now we sail forth with the wind, aiming to be the best tax law firm in Brazil.

This is our second yearbook. With the consolidation and expansion of our law firm, we have chosen music as our conceptual parallel.

This is our first yearbook, in which we portray the inaugural year of the law firm and the initial projects existing at that time. In this first publication, we used chess as a metaphor to illustrate our performance, both strategic and tactical at the sam

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