TAX COLLECTION Legal counseling vis-à-vis the entities responsible for tax collection. The law firm operates vis-à-vis the Revenue Offices of all levels of the Executive Branch and vis-à-vis the Federal Revenue Office of Brazil so as to perform the offsetting of taxes, require refunds, organize the measures necessary for issuance of the CND, present consultations, obtain the granting of special tax regimens and incentives.
LEGAL AND ADMINISTRATIVE TAX LITIGATION Level of specialization in which the firm performs vis-à-vis the Legal and Administrative Courts, including the Higher Courts, with a view to defending the interests of its clients, whether in the event of assessment notices, writs of mandamus, declaratory judgment lawsuits, annulment lawsuits, tax foreclosures.
CONSULTING AND TAX PLANNING Drafting of reports and legal opinions addressing doubts concerning the interpretation and application of tax laws, in addition to the construction of structures which allow for lawful tax savings.

We are schneider, pugliese, sztokfisz, figueiredo e carvalho advogados law firm. Or simply, schneider, pugliese, a Brazilian boutique law firm specializing in tax law, with high-expertise professionals.

We are driven by the idea of contributing for the development of our society through the conscious practice of our activities. For such, we have a team of highly-skilled professionals with a solid educational background, sound experience and technical knowledge in dealing with relevant tax law cases, as well as an organized structure and state-of-the-art IT system.

We therefore offer our clients a customized experience, delivering innovative tax solutions through agile, focused, and effective services. And we offer society our enthusiastic contribution in the belief that, by working for tax justice, we are collaborating for the promotion of social justice.

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